[Interview] Introducing @CLIPMONSTAR

Some of this Music now-a-days are starting to sound just alike. Then Clip Monstar emerged. This Young man has attacked the industry in a "I WILL EARN IT MY SELF, RESPESCT MY HUSTLE" type of way. This Artist is one of our favorite artist! We've finally caught up with Clip. Below we will discuss his New Single "MadBag" one of the best new singles out. Clip! Lets Get it....... [Interview] Introducing Clip Monstar

#1.When did you start rapping and what got you in it? What/Who inspired you to start?

I've always enjoyed making music, producing, ect. Since middle school or as long as I remember. But to actually try out rapping, it was a good friend of mine called Mac, that got me to start writing. I never took anything serious, until 5 years ago when I started Monstar the label.

#2. How would you describe your musical style?

Aggressive, lyrical, inspirational, strange, hype

#3. Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Eminem, ludacris, cassidy, joyner lucas

#4. How do you manage to separate yourself from all the other rappers that are going hard right now?

My image definitely helps, I also handle my business, I host parties, manage, promote, book, make flyers, a little bit of photography,… I am the total package, minus the singing lol

#5. Congrats on the new single "MadBag". How was your approach with this single different than your previous projects?

Honestly, my first thought for my next single, was to link up with Lil Donald. Because he has a sound that can go in any party scene. And all we did is meet up and knock it out. I wanted to keep lyrical content kind of simple, not too many punchlines, so people in party mode can comprehend and chant.

#6. What are some of the platforms you would like to take on in the future? Meaning (Music Awards, Hiphop Awards....)

Definitely music awards, BET, possibly acting roles, grammies, I want to be noticed on a global scale.

#7. I heard you had a true entourage? That Nothing is regular about Monstar Productions!

Yeah, the entourage is crazy. The following is so dope, because there's always new people that go with me to my shows. I believe I have the most solid, genuine, and diverse team. Hands down.

#8. The streets are talking and Clip Monstar seems to be the topic of the discussion. What makes you so loved in the streets of Atlanta?

I just show love to everyone, and I never put anyone down or feel like I'm above them. I try to put money in everyone's pockets, whether its another artist, a promoter, a DJ. It's all about relationships. I do good business. And I go hard, so you have to respect the hustle.

#9. Who are some artists that you’d like to work with in the future?

Joyner Lucas, eminem of course, but my spotlight right now, is Joyner. That’s my favorite artist out right now., but I am open to work with any artist that is working towards the same goal as me.

#10. What can we expect from you in the near future? Fill us in with what’s going on around you right now.

My next goal is tour!! I've been staying busy with shows every other night. I will be releasing a new EP within few months #Evolve2 Shooting 3 more music videos by summer.

Give a Shout out...... The whole Monstar movement, from the artist to the fighters, models, promoters,,, the entire team. Without a solid team, you can only go so far.

As Clip would say, "Stay true to yourself, but be openminded to different avenues. As an artist, it’s easy to get side tracked or discouraged in this life style. Just keep pushing"

Checkout Clip Monstar on Youtube, Spotify, Tidal & iTunes.

Connect with Clip Monstar: IG: CLIPMONSTAR FB: CLIPMONSTAR Booking information 404-492-4079 EMAIL: CLIPMONSTAR@GMAIL.COM

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