#ComingSoon 'Black Pantha' @Theosouldreams & @hyfa1

"Black Pantha", produced byTim Datailor, is an incredible record that Benton Records will be Releasing on March 05, 2018. Artists Theo Lane a phenomenal Singer Songwriter that REPS Tampa Bay and Hyfa THA Prospect an incredible Hip Hop Artist that lives in Tampa Bay but Hails from NYC. They team up on a project that will crush the Climate of the Music Industry, by infusing it with UNFORGETTABLE lyrics, paired with unwavering SOUL. Marvel Studios, where you at? After the World hears "Black Pantha", there will be NO denying IT. MARCH 05, 2018.

Connect with Theo Lane & Hyfa the Prospect:

Twitter @Theosouldreams @hyfa1 Instagram @TheodisLane @Hyfa_Tha_Prospect Facebook @TheoLane @hyfa1 SoundCloud @hyfa1 Reverbnation @hyfa1

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